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SMS Pricing

guaranteed lowest prices in Australia

SMS Broadcast offers you the lowest SMS prices in Australia by providing a simple, self managed service. You can sign up and use our service without needing to contact us or speak with a sales person, which reduces our costs and allows us to offer you lower prices.

We actively monitor the prices of the SMS markets and offer the lowest everyday prices for SMS messages. We also have a price match guarantee in case you happen to find a lower price.

Pre-Paid Pricing

Credits Purchased Discount Level Cost per Credit (ex GST)
Standard SMS Price
(minimum 500)
- 7 cents
2,000 or more 7% discount 6.5 cents
10,000 or more 14% discount 6 cents
100,000 or more 21% discount 5.5 cents
500,000 or more 32% discount 4.7 cents
Special Discount For Your First Credit Purchase
500 or more 47% discount 3.7 cents

Each credit buys a single text message of up to 160 characters. You can also write longer messages (up to five messages joined together) for additional credits. The maximum length of a message is 765 characters - five joined messages costing 5 credits.

All SMS messages sent through our service are delivered through Australian carrier connections. This is the only reliable way to deliver text messages in Australia and will ensure your messages are delivered as quickly as possible.

Post-Paid Pricing

Currently sending more than a million messages per month? We have special pricing and post-paid offers available for larger volumes. Please contact us for more information.

free trial Including 25 free credits
  • 100% delivery guarantee

    We will deliver your message, or refund the cost. As soon as we are notified that an SMS was undelivered (eg. the phone is disconnected), we will automatically refund the credit back to your account for that message. SMS Broadcast is the only Australian SMS provider with this guarantee!

  • No monthly fees

    We won't put you on a contract and you don't have to pay a monthly fee. You only need to pay for the messages you plan to use.

  • Credits don't expire

    Messages you purchase from SMS Broadcast do not expire. You can take as long as you need to use messages. Buy in bulk and get a cheaper price, knowing they'll last until you need to use them.

John W

Great product and easy to use.. The features such as storing your own templates and contact lists are a real plus. I used this as a marketing tool and got an excellent response. Price is also very attractive. I will keep using SMS Broadcast and highly recommend it to anyone needing this type of service. John

Peter R

SMS Broadcast was referred to us by our software provider. Only early days; however they seem to provide a good service at competitive pricing

Alec R

Actually very happy with this service. The product is very affortable ad easy to use. Was a great way to step up our marketting campaign.

Rhiannon C

SMS broadcast is a great and effective way to reach your customers. Cost effective marketing. SMS broadcast have great customer support and an easy to use website. I would recommend this service to anyone!

Lisa W

Fantastically simple and user friendly, with great rates. We've never encountered an issue and as a subscription service that sends daily messages to our subscribers we rely heavily on SMS broadcasts systems. Absolutely 5 stars!

Anne E

Setting up an interface from our software to SMS Broadcast was straightforward and very efficient. The rate is competitive and the introductory offer was a bonus. The reporting tools are also excellent.

Wade P

Service is great and easy to use! A cost effective solution for any business to communicate with customers. You can set up templates and groups of numbers easily and messages are sent instantly.

Rebecca W

We recently signed up to SMS Broadcast and are so happy we did. It is easy to use and set up, reasonably priced and has great features such as allowing recipient SMS to be sent via email. Would highly recommend.


Really easy to use and very cost efficient.

Mathew R

The switch to sms Broadcast after using another company for several years has been absolutely seamless. Not only has the transition been easy but the added benefits that sms broadcast offers well exceeds our past providers. Great introductory pricing, customer service, reporting & ease of use has us wishing we had made the switch years ago.

Sue G

Great program. Easy to use. We found this service to be very cost effective and time efficient.

Zena R

Fast & efficient. Good Reporting & Well Priced.


When our credits ran out with another SMS gateway provider, we were fortunate enough to find SMS Broadcast. Their prices are fantastic (especially with the initial purchase discount), and the service is easy to use. We use SMS Broadcast to relay critical alert messaging, and have complete confidence in the service.

antonella P

It's very easy to use, fast, reliable and cheaper than the others. I'm really satisfied!

Georgina R

really good service. Answer all my questions and pricing is very good. Would recommend to other companies.

Mark P

The SMS Broadcast product is seriously easy to set up and use. It has a number of advantages over its competitors not only cost (which is significant) but flexibility and ease of use. The help system is comprehensive (not that you will need it) I chose the product because of its professional backing ease of use and comprehensive support. Mark Pharoah CPA

Ian R

I started using the service to communicate with my clients and received instant results. Maximum exposure for minimal cost.

Jack S

I have been using this service for several years now across a range of institutions. Easy to set up and user's friendly, reliable, cost effective and offering features such as scheduling bulk mailouts, email-to-SMS and records of what's been sent. Overall excellent service, highly recommended.

Nedums N

SMS Broadcast is so easy to use and set up and very cost effective. It makes keeping in contact with our customers so much easier. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Nothing to complain about.

Brett S

SMS broadcast is a great system. It is affordable and is easy to use, with great features to accommodate a variety of message types. The merge facility is great. I'm still learning some features but overall I am really pleased with my decision to use SMS Broadcast for our needs. It saved literally hours off the previous method we were using.

Cliff E

Great service and pricing

Free access to these features

  • Two-way messages
  • Live message status updates
  • Online address book
  • Personalised / merged messages
  • Friendly technical support

Optional virtual number

receive replies to a virtual number

Having a dedicated inbound number means customers can contact you any time via SMS and their messages will be delivered to your email, into your software application, or downloadable to a spreadsheet. It's your number, so you can advertise it, publish it or distribute it, knowing you'll get all the responses right where you need them.

Inbound number per year
04xx xxx xxx $179

SMS broadcast

delivers to all Australian mobiles through on-shore connections