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10 reasons to use SMS Marketing in your business.

How to construct an effective message.

Complying with the SPAM Act.

SMS Marketing

10 reasons to use SMS Marketing in your business

A revolutionarily easy and cheap way to advertise, SMS marketing (also known as text message marketing or bulk SMS) continues to be a lucrative marketing platform for businesses irrespective of their size and investment capital. From small businesses to the giant retail chains, text message marketing is driving sales and revenue, engaging current customers, helping recruit new ones, and ultimately commanding respect as a reliable tool to deploy in any business's marketing arsenal!

If you haven't already considered using text messaging as part of your marketing strategy, here are reasons why you should give it another thought:-

1. Fast delivery to your target audience.

Text messages are delivered within seconds of being send and the average person is more likely to check a text message within a very short window of time after receiving it. It is almost a guarantee that a mobile phone user will always have their phone with them or close by to reference any incoming calls and/or texts, therefore making SMS a very quick and effective mode of communication.

2. Instant notification.

Text messaging literally places your product offers, whether coupons or other sales promotions, into the hands of your potential customers with lightning speed! The instant notification feature carried by most mobile devices facilitates the communication process.

3. Easy to personalise therefore very flexible.

Text messaging can be tailored to meet each businesss marketing needs. Whether you need a generalised mass text messaging platform or personalised and target specific promotions, SMS offers you this flexibility! It can easily be incorporated to any other internet based marketing strategies you might have too, such as twitter, facebook among their social media platforms.

4. Precise and to the point message delivery.

The fact that a text message utilises limited character space (160 characters) dictates the length of a message therefore prompting the sender to be creative, precise and to the point. Long marketing jargons are unnecessary and in most cases could be seen as boring and not prompt the receiver to act upon them. Less is more and clarity is golden!

5. Affordable way to promote your brand.

Since text message marketing is truly target based, it ensures that you are communicating with potential consumers who are very likely to take action upon receiving your text. This enables you to cut marketing and promotional costs associated with mass marketing to a general population that leaves you only guessing and hoping for a favourable consumer response.

6. High rate of deliverability.

Unlike emails which are susceptible to the risk of low ‘opening and reading” rate, text messages almost guarantee that the receiver will open them. Depending on how creatively and interestingly you format your message, it is likely to increase the possibility for that message to be read. This is a very effective way of communicating.

7. Direct and reliable mode of communication.

Sending out promotional offers and coupons through emails runs the risk of being filtered into a spam folder and consequently not being read. Text messaging offers a rather direct and reliable communication platform to your targeted audience, without experiencing too many barriers and therefore ensuring that your marketing efforts do not entirely fall on the wayside.

8. Improved customer relationship.

Text messaging marketing will afford you a more personable approach as to how you relate with your customers. The fact that you can tailor SMS to suit the needs of a particular target gives you the flexibility to personalize communication and therefore connect on a more individualized level with your target. This can easily turn current customers into a loyal following as well as attract new ones.

9. Drive traffic and sales to your business.

Whenever you send out a text message in the form of special offers, promotions or even coupons, your customers are more than likely to forward these offers to their families and friends. By so doing this will increase your target audience, consequently driving traffic and sales.

10. Keeps your customers informed and empowered.

SMS marketing delivers product information to the customers in a quick reliable way therefore keeping them engaged in any new product launches and enjoying up-to-date information at their finger tips. This not only benefits your business through promoting your brand, but also keeps your customer in the know. An informed customer feels empowered and is more likely to be converted into a loyal customer.

How to construct an effective message

Complying with the SPAM Act

If you are sending marketing messages, it's important to ensure your messages comply with Australian spam rules. The ACMA website has information for businesses to ensure they comply with the rules, however the two main rules to consider are:

Visit the ACMA SPAM Website

Download Spam Act 2003: A practical guide for business


Barry M

Outstanding service and really helped boost our event attendees

Michael H

The simplest and most effective method of "mail-merging" personalized SMSs from my PC I've ever used. All I needed to do was save my Excel as a RTF and away they went!

Mark O

I use SMS Broadcast for my business, and there is no faster way of reaching clients with breaking news or last minute offers. Response rates for SMS are far greater than any other medium we use.

Len M

SMS Broadcast is the best option i've found for professionally projecting my business to existing and potential clients. Len Musumeci

Melissa S

I selected SMS Broadcast as a quick and easy SMS solution to use for scheduling update notifications as part of community engagement programs. SMS Broadcast is not only a cost-effective SMS platform, but provides easy to use and much needed features such as scheduling, the option to send from various contact numbers and reporting.

Paige H

Very easy to use and a great price - we are still working on our campaigns but the usability of this service has been simple and effective - thanks for a great product! Oh and customer service has been awesome!


amazing service, got my business message out to numerous customers in a matter of minutes so thanks so much for offering an awesome easy stress free service.

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Great website to use had made a difference to success for my advertisement highly recommended

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SMS Broadcast is so easy to use. The instructions were clear and straightforward. Sending out the text was instantaneous and we had positive responses very quickly. Will definitely use this service again. This is a valuable tool for any business. I highly recommend SMS Broadcast.

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Sms broadcast is just what we have been looking for. Sms communication is the best form of advertising, and with this easy to use system, I can coordinate these ads from anywhere in the world. The schedule for later feature is great, as I can spend an hour and prepare the next month's worth of texts. Highly recommended to any business small or large.

Kent W

Simple and effective platform to use. Delivered immediate results.

Liki C

Love your service! Made my marketing so much more efficient than writing the text to hundreds of customers one by one, like I used to!

Nathan B

What are great way to connect with your clients, simple to use with open & response rates so much better than emails

Andrew C

This SMS facility is so easy to use. It is reasonability priced and the reporting is very handy. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to utilise SMS marketing.

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An excellent service, very user friendly. Great Marketing Tool.

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The service operates exactly as it says it does. We used it for the 1st time last week, and it led to over $1,000 in sales for a $200 outlay (and we only spent a small fraction of that $200 to reach our audience anyway). Love the service from SMSBroadcast.

Sue W

When trying to connect with people it is apparent that email is dead. In order to grab attention and get a speedy response SMS is invaluable and conversations are abuzz even when the boss is around! If you want an Easy and Enjoyable way of Engaging with your customers and you have a data base of correct mobile numbers - hear the chatter around your latest offer and watch the conversions roar. SMS Broadcast - Nothing Flash - Easy to Use - Convert your database to sales - re-engage with hundred's of Customers in one message..... and at the fraction of the price of other marketing media.

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it was quick and easy! and it worked wonders for marketing!

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As first time SMS Marketing users, we found SMS Broadcast very easy to use and one round of texts resulted in $16,000+ of sales within three days of it being sent. Absolutely worth our investment.

Gavin J

We love using SMS Broadcast, it's easy to use, quick and our clients think we are really fancy!

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