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SMS Gateway

Software integration.

Using SMS in your website.

What is an SMS gateway

Software integration

SMS Broadcast have two separate SMS gateways for adding SMS capability to software:

Access to both APIs are included free with your account. Full documentation is available and we have support staff available to assist your developers in implementing SMS into your software.

Using SMS in your website

Adding SMS functionality to a website adds an extra level of personalisation and interactivity.

Common uses for SMS include:


Leigh A

The php setup was very straight forward and worked like a dream. The low rate of first purchase was also very much appreciated.

Darren S

SMS Broadcast was very easy to setup and integrates perfectly with my CRM. I have no hesitation recommending this service to others.

Sri C

Awesome Service. Very simple to use and you can implement it with in minutes.


Nearly nothing to setup, simple interface, almost instant delivery to 6000 users.

Chris H

Great Price. Easy to use API.


Easy to use and fit in perfectly with my CRM

Andrew B

Seamless integration & very easy to setup.

Derek L

Great value SMS gateway. Good performance with no SMS lag. I am using this with my home automation system to send SMS notifications. Works a treat.


Simple registration and API integration seems working great.


The API works great, I've had a 100% success rate in delivered messages and the live chat support is very helpful.

Ashley W

This is a great tool. The API is simple to use and the service delivers exactly as advertised. I use it as a hobbyist to track the status of home automation projects.

Kenneth S

Excellent rates, easy setup. Great integration with my database platform.


SMS Broadcast allows us to inform customers the requested orders are in our shop. It's very easy to use and efficient

Daryl K

Has an easy to use API that is available for most Programming Languages.

Lorraine J

With SMS Broadcast we are able to send SMS reminders to our customers from within our management software. So convenient, and a reply is delivered to our inbox. We needed some assistance from SMS Broadcast Technical Support in the initial set up and they replied to our request quickly and had us up and running in no time. Fantastic service.

Peter T

Needed to send a group SMS out when certain emails hit our Support desk. This service is simple, instant and affordable to setup.

Murray S

With the winding up of the 2G network together with lack of function in our obsolete SMS software we were forced to find another solution for sending out appointment reminders for our small business. I decided to try smsbroadcast and took advantage of their 25 free SMS trial to check how easily we could integrate it into our workflow. The clear instructions and helpful customer support allowed me to easily incorporate it into our bespoke solution and we were up and running quickly. The ease of use for us now is well above our previous level, and the cost is substantially lower - I wish I had swapped to smsbroadcast much sooner.

Neil A

We needed a simple way to use sms's for sending reminders and alerts programatically from our database. SMS Broadcast was not only very affordable but was easy to implement. Highly recommended.

Peter B

This is the easiest SMS platform I have ever used. A nice user dashboard, simple to use. Integrates well with our CRM too, big bonus. I even have an account with a competitor, with credits still available. yet I've switched over to SMS Broadcast.

Ben G

The service was very easy to set up and messages easy to send from the website and it integrates with our CRM system. I was called after I set up the account to see if I needed any assistance which was appreciated. Happy to recommended SMS Broadcast

marc n

It is simple, it works. It integrates. I am very happy to use the service and would recommend it to others.

SMS broadcast

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