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SMS Gateway

Software integration.

Using SMS in your website.

What is an SMS gateway

Software integration

SMS Broadcast have two separate SMS gateways for adding SMS capability to software:

Access to both APIs are included free with your account. Full documentation is available and we have support staff available to assist your developers in implementing SMS into your software.

Using SMS in your website

Adding SMS functionality to a website adds an extra level of personalisation and interactivity.

Common uses for SMS include:


David C

I was very pleased with the clarify of the documentation around the API and was able to integrate the entire set of features for two way SMS into my PHP code in my POS / Booking system within about 20 minutes and then within a few hours I had everything polished and working perfectly. My only gripe is that SMS replies come in in chunks rather than as one single message meaning the receiving code has to re-assemble the messages meaning I had to write extra code to do this as that was not included in the documentation. One other thing was the inability to include spaces in the outgoing callerID as can be done on other platforms. Other than that, they are very well priced and so far I haven't had any problems.

Carol N

SMS Broadcast has been simple to setup and use. Interfacing our software to their API was one of the easiest I've dealt with. Support has been personal and helpful and I can't fault anything so far! Keep up the good work!

Fabian K

Very efficient service and syncs well with our app. Fantastic! Love it!

Troy M

API is easy to use, the Reporting function is helpful for diagnosing if the messages were sent.

Jenny P

Haven't fully integrated SMS Broadcast into our system yet but from what I heard, it sounds like it will help our business immensely! Thank you!

Gareth D

Simple to integrate, support is super fast. Works great in our situation using 2 way email to sms. Sms broadcast has features other providers don't have.

Matty a

This is the best and most reliable sms engine on the internet by far....

James S

Easy to use! Gets the job done! Integrates well with other platforms I use for my church. Worth checking out!

Sam S

easy to use and simple integration

Sunil B

Gr8 way to connect with customers. We have integrated it in our software and it works seamlessly.

Greg B

Integrated easily with super fast send rates. Very cost efficient with much better service than our previous supplier. A+

Jessica R

I use SMS Broadcast to integrate with my Infusionsoft campaigns, although it isn't the prettiest interface to work with and find your way around, support has been good and my integration worked on the first try. I'm now able to set and forget. (until it's time to buy more credits)

Hay c

I have been a software developer for MANAY years and I always hated COMPLEXITY!. Right now, I am in love with SMS Broadcast. Plain, simple & supportive. No high tech here is required as long as you know on how to invoke web service and that is all what you need. Good on you, SMS Broadcast and keep up a good work. Hay

Wayne M

Support has been super responsive with quick replies, good price, easy to use API to integrate into my existing scripts and appears to work well to date. So far no issues.

Will S

Integrates well with crm and streamlines some of our processes

Han Y

I found this company on Google, I chose to work with them because everything is straightforward. It's not fancy but VERY practical which is exactly what I need because I'm sick of dealing with companies that's all show no go. My app developers had been playing with the API side of things and they have wasted credits from my account. I was advised of this by the SMS Broadcast staff and they kindly refunded my credits without even me asking. You don't get this type of initiatives anywhere and I have been telling my friends about this company. Highly recommended.

Leigh A

The php setup was very straight forward and worked like a dream. The low rate of first purchase was also very much appreciated.

Darren S

SMS Broadcast was very easy to setup and integrates perfectly with my CRM. I have no hesitation recommending this service to others.

Sri C

Awesome Service. Very simple to use and you can implement it with in minutes.


Nearly nothing to setup, simple interface, almost instant delivery to 6000 users.

Chris H

Great Price. Easy to use API.

SMS broadcast

delivers to all Australian mobiles through on-shore connections