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SMS Gateway

Software integration.

Using SMS in your website.

What is an SMS gateway

Software integration

SMS Broadcast have two separate SMS gateways for adding SMS capability to software:

Access to both APIs are included free with your account. Full documentation is available and we have support staff available to assist your developers in implementing SMS into your software.

Using SMS in your website

Adding SMS functionality to a website adds an extra level of personalisation and interactivity.

Common uses for SMS include:


Simon D

Found the whole process in setting up extremely smooth and has now added value to our workshop job system. We are now able to txt our customers when their jobs are completed.

Graeme L

I was able to interface my software to the SMS system easily. I was able to send SMS Texts and receive responses within the hour. Contacted the company with a couple of questions and they were answered promptly. So far this has been a good experience.

Kevin P

SMS Broadcast is very easy to use and setting up to work with our in-house software was straight forward. The rate for the introduction offer was very attractive. Overall, great service, highly recommended.

Mia D

Very happy with the SMSBroadcast service. It was a quick and easy process to set up and it integrates with our business software streamlining our processes and communication.

Dr K

A very slick and simple way of incorporating our data base and modifying our needs for our specialist dental practice. Allows access from any site and messages and reminders can be incorporated easily from templates and existing practice software. Highly recommended even for those with limited IT experience !

Desley P

I am a software developer. It was very simple and easy to setup sms sending from my software.

Phillip H

It was really simple to get up and running, API documentation is well written. Message delivery is quick and other useful facilities are included such as a configurable balance alert tool. SMS Broadcast is miles ahead of the provider I came from in terms of functionality. It's a pleasure to use your service and no hesitation to recommend your service to others.

Tim D

Smsboadcast is a simple, fast and reliable service. It integrated easily into our system. We are satisfied so far.

Stewart A

Very cheap messaging, but super fast as well. We use the API to send messages straight from our software and it was really easy to implement with only a few lines of code. They use secure SSL through the website so we know that our information is safe. Next up we will implement return texts, which should be straightforward using their service. -Stewart, programmer and business owner.

Pippa E

Reminding clients of their appointment time is a great value-add - thanks to SMS broadcast.

Brad W

Easy to set up and get started. Integrates easily with our system.

Cameron M

SMS broadcast is easy to deal with and has simple APIs for developing against. Works perfectly for notifications from my simple security system.

Mark E

Seamless interaction with email systems and API - robust platform. Highly recommended. It. Just. Works.

Josh D

Easy to use API, love the options we get with this. Works well with MS Access as a SMS button.

Con T

Excellent value for money. API is well documented and easy to use. I would highly recommend this service.

Grant G

great easy to use website, full api support and great deals for bulk purchase

Joshua D

Easy to setup and use, great API functions which is great for creating buttons in Access to send SMS.

Cynthia K

SMS Broadcast has transformed how I will manage communicating with our clients for reminders of and making future appointments for immunisations. SMS communications has improved our statistics for immunization rates and consent card return for high school immunisations. Fantastic, easy-to-use product that will shorten my communications time considerably.

Mick T

SMSBroadcast provides exactly what we need to keep in contact with our customers without the need for a phone call. The provided API is easy to understand and integrated into our unique software flawlessly. Will definitely keep topping up our account!

InfoMedix S

Quick and reliable service, and the API is easy to integrate with other software.

Robert T

I use the SMS Broadcast service to send appointment reminders. My initial enquiries were answered promptly and fully by the SMS Broadcast staff, which allowed me to get up and running immediately. Now, a simple shell script interrogates my database of bookings and sends me an alert and, with a mouse click, an SMS is sent to up to three recipients. Fully automating the SMS would actually have been easier but my requirements called for "semi-automation". This service exactly suits my needs. Robert Thorsby

SMS broadcast

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