SMS Broadcast

Lowest SMS Price Guarantee

SMS Broadcast will Match or Beat Any SMS Price in Australia

We actively monitor the SMS markets to ensure we are offering the lowest SMS prices within Australia, while still maintaining a reliable and secure service. However, if you manage to find a cheaper advertised price for SMS messages, we guarantee to match or beat any competitor's price for the same service level and SMS volumes.

Keep in mind that other companies may not be as up front as we are with our pricing, so if they charge set-up fees, monthly fees or other fees to use their service, we will take that into consideration when comparing our prices.

This offer only applies to our competitors based in Australia and sending messages via reliable SMS routes (like we do). Even though our prices are often lower than the "wholesale" rates offered by other providers, we will not offer this guarantee to other SMS providers or mobile carriers.

We like to keep things fair around here, so we may refuse to match a price that is below our cost price or remove this offer at any time. It's unlikely that we would do that, but our lawyers insist on including this line.

If you manage to find a cheaper price, please contact us.


Charmaine S

Easy to use, great customer service & great pricing.

Belinda E

amazing service, cheap and easy to use. Thanks SMS Broadcast!

Luke A

Very good price, with useful features like templates and scheduled messages. The interface is a bit dated, could use a refresh.

Paula I

Wow just great: really affordable, easy to use and very effective, love it to bits!!

Mandeep S

Good service and great price

Natalie R

I love using SMS Broadcast. It works really well and is great value. However, I wish there was a feature available that would allow me to schedule multiple text messages to the same person all at once, rather than having to set up each message individually. Specifically, a recurring text feature would be so useful! I want to send the exact same survey link to the same person every evening for 1 month. I wish I could set these up all together rather than 1 at a time. Currently SMS Broadcast supports sending of the same message to multiple people at one specific time, but does not support sending the same message to one specific person at multiple times.

Carolyn W

A easy to use and cost effect way to communicate with large groups. SMS Broadcast makes getting our messages out to our community a simple 3 step process that anyone can follow.

John W

This is the first time I have used any SMS messaging for the society I am involved in and the process to start with was very simple, the process is clear and easy step by step. I loved the special price for the first messages, but will continue even once those have been used up.

Jeremy C

Easy to sign up and great joining discounts and bonus's. Service is easy to use and support to is friendly.

Praveen K

Very flexible and easy to use. Pricing is very competitive.

Phillip S

Easy of use and affordable

Darren W

We just started using SMS Broadcast with our new database and from signing up to start using the process was very easy and the pricing is very competitve

Sinisa K

Great way to reach you audience. Very user friendly and affordable. Thank You!

Andrew E

Simple, easy to use interface. Can cut and paste lists directly from Excel without fuss which is a huge advantage for me. Does what it says it will, sends SMSs at low cost.

Jason K

SMS Broadcast is an easy and effective way to reach many people at one time. One of my favourite aspects is how affordable it is.

Kim M

easy to use, great initial purchase incentive

Cody S

Using it for our business broadcasts - exclusive sign up offer of 0.02 per sms (cheap!), plus the ability to have groups of contacts, mask the sender as our company, etc. etc. Very happy.

Simon G

Fast and affordable

brett g

easy to use and cost effective. would recommend.

Mr Solar H

SMS Broadcast works exactly as it says it does. It was and is a really affordable and easy way for us to send SMS's. Only thing they could improve is the website as it's a little outdated. Other than that A1 service.

Charlie G

Really helpful and got us out of a jam when we were trying to reach our members very quickly. It was very easy to set up and with no training I was able to get a message out to over 100 members in one hit. Saved the day and worth the money - which was much less than I expected. We use this service regularly now.

SMS broadcast

delivers to all Australian mobiles through on-shore connections