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Delivering better, faster and cheaper campaigns through SMS.

Texting has become one of the most popular ways for people to communucate with billions of text messages sent each year. For many years, campaigning for politial parties and charities has used robo-calls as a mechanisim to engage with potential voters to deliver targeted messages to influence options. This is fastly becoming an outdated communication tool as mobile phones have given power to the individual to filter calls resulting in campaign calls being rejected. This is because people lack the time to break their day to listen to a lengthy pre-recorded message.

Better - Campaign Broadcast is a new product that enables the digitisation of campaign communications. Through simple text messaging, campaigns are able to reach millions of Australians instantly, replacing robo-calls, TV ads and radio as a faster, cheaper and more direct communication medium.

Faster - Not only is Campaign Broadcast a more efficient platform, the messages can also contain a link back to a website which enables more detailed content to be instantly accessed and provides the opportunity to track behaviours using analytics tools. This gives agility back to campaigns, allowing messages to be tested over the campaign period and adapted for greater impact.

Cheaper - The cost of a Campaign Broadcast can be significantly cheaper than a more traditional channel reaching the same audience as each delivered text can cost as little as a few cents, which is a fraction of the cost of robo-calls and TV and radio. As the process is fully automated, staff costs are removed as well as the time impost of managing volunteers.

How does it work:

1. We select millions of active mobile numbers at random.

2. You craft a direct message to be delivered on your chosen day.

3. We deliver your message to the millions of selected numbers.

Who can use Campaign Broadcast?

This technology is available to political campaigns, charities and educational groups due exemptions that exist in Australia's spam laws. All messages sent with Campaign Broadcast must comply with the Spam Act.

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