SMS Broadcast

Bulk SMS

Send thousands of messages at once.

Upload your database or use an online address book.

Merge names and other information into your messages.

How to send Bulk SMS

Send thousands of messages at once

Our broadcast system allows you to send thousands of messages simultaneously, giving you the chance to reach a huge number of customers in just a few minutes.

Choose for your replies to be managed by our inbound system, go straight to your email, or even directly to your mobile phone.

Upload your database or use an online address book

Destination numbers can be typed in, imported from a spreadsheet or copy and pasted from Excel or similar software.

You can also export numbers from an external program where you manage your contacts. This file can then be uploaded into our address book or used for a campaign.

Merge names and other information into your messages

If you have a well managed database, you can upload spreadsheets with multiple columns of data. This allows you to personalise messages, improving engagement with your customers and increasing the effectiveness of your campaign.

merges into

You can customise your message with further information like appointment time and dates too. This helps you save time by sending a single message with different information in each message, instead of re-typing the same message many times.


Brett S

Fantastic service! We've been able to use SMS Broadcast for our clients to engage their customers and grow their business. The address book and template features really make using SMS Broadcast easy and incredible value for money. - Brett, BSDA.

Craig H

Awesome!!! So easy to use and gets our message out instantly to all our members. Should have joined years ago

David A

I’m only new to SMS Broadcast and couldn’t be happier. I was a little concerned at first how difficult it would be to manage but it’s absolutely easy. If I can do it anybody can. The results have been amazing too, for example I sent out 221 texts and I gained over a 15% reply which was fantastic and cheap. Thanks SMS Broadcast.

Ping U

Love SMS Broadcast! Easily send SMS to hundreds of our members, either on a schedule or just send right there and then. Reasonable fees also. All in all - awesome!

Maria A

Easy to use and very effective for my business. It’s a little reminder for the customers, especially with sale days, without being intrusive. 2 thumbs up 😄

Pia D

I used SMS Broadcast when i moved my business premises to let clients know of the new address. It was very easy to use, great value for money, and everyone loved receiving their texts.

Annette E

SMS Broadcast has been working great for our mechanical repair workshop. Messaging our customers saves time and is a preferred method of contact for many. Setting up was super easy too! Pelican Motors Service Centre

Adrian C

Very happy with the service and easy to operate, plus it's very fast and efficient thanks and Merry Christmas all the best Adrian Chalmers.

Alex F

As a not-for-profit organisation we have found this such a great easy to use, and feasible tool for contacting our members en masse, especially as we do not have an organisational mobile phone. It helps reduce the cost of paper, printing, postage etc and is bringing the organisation into the new century of modern technology.

Carissa H

Just used SMS Broadcast for the first time - super easy, flexible & great results! Will continue to use regularly for our SMS campaigns!

Conrad S

SMS Broadcast does what it says on the box - send and receive SMSes easily for a low price. The API was easy to use and message delivery is quick. If you have a need to send one SMS or lots, take a look at SMS Broadcast.

Kylie S

I've used SMS Broadcoast twice now to send messages to our social club - it's fast and very easy to use. Glad I found you - it's made a big difference in communicating with our members. Kylie

Rebecca R

We are very new to SMS Broadcast but can already see it is going to be a great way to communicate with our clients. The sign up process was easy and we are looking forward to using this service to get time critical messages out to our families.

Kirrily O

Very easy to use and with a lot of extra features that make it very adaptable. A great way of sending out texts.

James W

Intuitive process - very easy to setup and manage campaigns. One of the highest return campaigns we have undertaken to date.

Ashley F

Very easy to use for one off msg's or large data merge files. Helps making the customer contacts seamless.

sascha v

I've used a different provider for the last 15 years and out of curiosity, googled to see other companies. The functionality of smsbroadcast is so straightforward, affordable and the messages are sent quick as lightening! I particularly love the function on the homepage that lets you sample sending a text to your own number before you signup or purchase anything. Brilliant and completely professional.

Andrew J

I'd been considering adding a SMS reminder service for our clients for some time, but not being overly IT savvy, thought it would be too hard. I was wrong! Getting set up with SMS Broadcast was so easy. I don't know what I was worried about. Thanks for your help.

Mark G

Excellent service. very simple and user friendly for ease of sending bulk SMS. Love the option of saved templates.

John P

We used SMSBROADCAST to advise our customer base (in Excel) of an impeding auction, as our base would have been different from the Auctioneers. It was supprisingly simple to use. Next time we will see if we can use the Mailmerge feature to personalize the message for even more friendly responses.

Steven N

I decided to use SMS Broadcast to serve as a reminder service for my Hairdressing salon to assist in reducing the NO Show client numbers. The results already have been great !! Best of all, my staff[ who are great hairdressers, but lousy admin staff, ALL find the system very easy to use with no mistakes made with 1 months reminders sent to clients. I think this system represents great value for small businesses like mine. We have a client base of 600 plus and 3 staff to attend to those clients.

SMS broadcast

delivers to all Australian mobiles through on-shore connections