SMS Broadcast

Bulk SMS

Send thousands of messages at once.

Upload your database or use an online address book.

Merge names and other information into your messages.

How to send Bulk SMS

Send thousands of messages at once

Our broadcast system allows you to send thousands of messages simultaneously, giving you the chance to reach a huge number of customers in just a few minutes.

Choose for your replies to be managed by our inbound system, go straight to your email, or even directly to your mobile phone.

Upload your database or use an online address book

Destination numbers can be typed in, imported from a spreadsheet or copy and pasted from Excel or similar software.

You can also export numbers from an external program where you manage your contacts. This file can then be uploaded into our address book or used for a campaign.

Merge names and other information into your messages

If you have a well managed database, you can upload spreadsheets with multiple columns of data. This allows you to personalise messages, improving engagement with your customers and increasing the effectiveness of your campaign.

merges into

You can customise your message with further information like appointment time and dates too. This helps you save time by sending a single message with different information in each message, instead of re-typing the same message many times.


Oliver I

it was easier to send out to alot of customers at once

Mike H

I recently been looking for text service. After several false starts a found SMS Broadcast. I'm new to the service, but I had a few tests and it looks promising. A bonus is the phone backup you can ring to ask for help and you can bulk upload your lists. Thanks guys

Simi S

We have been looking for a SMS programme to use for a little while now. When I came across SMS Broadcast I instantly knew that this was the programme that we were going to use. Very easy to use and does everything that we need it to do. Especially love the bulk sending of sms too.

Jane M

Running an event that requires numerous and regular communication is super hard but with the ability to send out bulk messages

Christopher T

It made it easy to send a whole heap of texts all at once


Nearly nothing to setup, simple interface, almost instant delivery to 6000 users.

Abdulmajid A

Interface is very easy to figure out and use. Was sending batch SMS with the SMS merge function within the hour, and had completely replaced by existing SMS program. Just so much easier and its online!


It's very user-friendly, has a prompt and helpful support staff and makes it very easy to send many SMS' at a good and reasonable price.

Louise H

We should have signed up ages ago, with over 100 active mystery shoppers out each and everyday, using SMS is far more effective than email. I love using it, its so simple and easy.

Peter R

Absolutely brilliant and so easy to use. List imports are simple to do. The system tells you if your message is over length so can be quickly adjusted before you send. Opt out response feature really simplifies keeping your lists current. Highly recommended!

Kayla H

SMS Broadcast have been a really great experience so far, I've been particularly happy with their merge files (allowing me to personalise messages to each of my contacts easily) and scheduled messages. Overall, it's an easy, low-cost system to use.


Easy to sign up, use and get a bulk text out. I rang the cs team who were efficient in answering my call and my questions. Will definitely use again.

Kerri M

Very easy and functional to send bulk messsages

Eva C

We have used SMS Broadcast in the past and were extremely happy with the ease of use and flexibility for messaging 100s of our volunteers each week. We were able to upload separate teams and amend their details very simply. As a result of that previous experience, SMS Broadcast was our first choice for a new account in a different department.

Diana A

Super easy to use. Perfect way to send a bulk SMS. Will definitely be using again and again.

Craig F

I have just finished our first SMS broadcast and the process and ease of use is a credit to the team at SMS Broadcast. Well Done.

Scott P

I am able to message all my contractors at the same time with the same info. This wonderful tool makes my life so much easier


I have been using SMS Broadcast for many years now and it it the simplest most efficient way to get a message out to people. I use it for work and sent 1600 messages at once. Great:)


SMS Broadcast make it so amazingly easy for us to send out anything from a single SMS right through to our entire database of clients.

Robyn T

Very happy so far with SMS Broadcast. Simply & easy to load customer lists & if you do need help they are very quick to respond. Lovin' it so far! - Thanks Guys :)


Fantastic Business SMS Service! Easy to use, fast SMS sending and great for large group texting! And pricing is competitive.

SMS broadcast

delivers to all Australian mobiles through on-shore connections