SMS Broadcast

Bulk SMS

Send thousands of messages at once.

Upload your database or use an online address book.

Merge names and other information into your messages.

How to send Bulk SMS

Send thousands of messages at once

Our broadcast system allows you to send thousands of messages simultaneously, giving you the chance to reach a huge number of customers in just a few minutes.

Choose for your replies to be managed by our inbound system, go straight to your email, or even directly to your mobile phone.

Upload your database or use an online address book

Destination numbers can be typed in, imported from a spreadsheet or copy and pasted from Excel or similar software.

You can also export numbers from an external program where you manage your contacts. This file can then be uploaded into our address book or used for a campaign.

Merge names and other information into your messages

If you have a well managed database, you can upload spreadsheets with multiple columns of data. This allows you to personalise messages, improving engagement with your customers and increasing the effectiveness of your campaign.

merges into

You can customise your message with further information like appointment time and dates too. This helps you save time by sending a single message with different information in each message, instead of re-typing the same message many times.


Ian H

The feature I found to be most useful was being able to copy in a list of phone numbers from a spreadsheet, brilliant.

Murat S

I used to manually add each of my clients to send out a bulk sms from my phone but now with the service provided by sms broadcast it made my life much easier. The website is user friendly and I get quick response from the help desk.

Kerryn R

I love the fact that I can send mass reminders to my customers quickly. Affordable and easy to use. Very happy with the service

Mike L

We did a mass text to 4600 customers, it was fast and cost effective and we got a good response from our customers. We found it to be good system that's relatively easy to use.

Alex W

We are an Emergency Service Volunteer organisation and the system is very easy to setup and uploading enormous distribution list is very easy. It has been also very reliable.

Shari B

OMG, Ok so i am a first time user and WOW! When you send a contact question they get back to you the same day! Also i just sent out my first bulk SMS for marketing for my business 15mins ago and already have 9 bookings!!! I LOVE SMS Broadcast!

Jeffrey W

Very happy with the service provided. It is a great service to use, makes sending multiple text messages a simple task

Rebecca G

Very Simple to use, easy to send out multiple texts and you can not have your number displayed, you have your business name which is of importance to us.

James F

Easy to use GUI, veey simple to take numbers out of a spreadsheet and paste for group sends

Kim H

Very happy with SMS Broadcast, easy to use and great for reaching a wide audience!

Shane R

SMS Broadcast has made communicating with clients much easier via text. This system allows bulk text saving a massive amount of time

Damian S

Very handy. Easy to setup and import contacts. Highly recommended

Kaylene W

I started using SMSbroadcast last quarter. It was easy to use, and a great way of getting a bulk message out to my clients whilst looking professional. I look forward to getting my message out there again this BAS season. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you, as I already have :)

Mark H

What a perfect way to communicate in bulk to my valued clients. Results in minutes. This is a game changer!!

Chris W

We were looking for the best option for our business to send either individual or bulk messages and found smsbroadcast. This is a very simple, easy to use system which is very cost effective and provides the ability to personalize messages as well as more generic versions using templates. Data is easily imported via csv files and we have found this online site excellent. Live chat was great as well.

Anna N

My first experience with sending SMS messages to a large group, our team decided to send one per day for a month. The information from SMS Broadcast has been clear and reasonably priced, the process was fairly simple and after a week we've had no problems thus far. Thanks for the service.

Tamara D

SMS Broadcast is so easy to use. 1 message to multiple clients in just a few clicks. I love the Groups feature too. It's simple interface gives me the features and flexibility I need with a small database. A database that is just a little too big to handle on my device alone. Thank you!

Jay J

Very easy to use. Within 5 mins sent configured and sent 5000 sms. Recommend to anyone

Michael H

The simplest and most effective method of "mail-merging" personalized SMSs from my PC I've ever used. All I needed to do was save my Excel as a RTF and away they went!

David K

So easy to use and saves so much time and effort by being able to send to so many addressees at the one time!

Warren B

Great, easy to use software Quick to import a large list and sorts out number formatting well. I have used a couple of similar services...... SMS broadcast is the best by far.

SMS broadcast

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