SMS Broadcast

Bulk SMS

Send thousands of messages at once.

Upload your database or use an online address book.

Merge names and other information into your messages.

How to send Bulk SMS

Send thousands of messages at once

Our broadcast system allows you to send thousands of messages simultaneously, giving you the chance to reach a huge number of customers in just a few minutes.

Choose for your replies to be managed by our inbound system, go straight to your email, or even directly to your mobile phone.

Upload your database or use an online address book

Destination numbers can be typed in, imported from a spreadsheet or copy and pasted from Excel or similar software.

You can also export numbers from an external program where you manage your contacts. This file can then be uploaded into our address book or used for a campaign.

Merge names and other information into your messages

If you have a well managed database, you can upload spreadsheets with multiple columns of data. This allows you to personalise messages, improving engagement with your customers and increasing the effectiveness of your campaign.

merges into

You can customise your message with further information like appointment time and dates too. This helps you save time by sending a single message with different information in each message, instead of re-typing the same message many times.



amazing service, got my business message out to numerous customers in a matter of minutes so thanks so much for offering an awesome easy stress free service.

Theresa H

SMS Broadcast is a much easier way of getting the message across to very large group of people. I would highly recommend it.

David M

I have only been using smsbroadcast for a week but I am very impressed by how simple it is to use and the very reasonable costs involved. I send about 600-800 text messages each month and have found that this is by far the most effective way to send a text message by using a computer.

Justine M

Very easy to use. I like it how I can cut my contacts from exel straight into the address book. People got their messages immediately.

Grant G

great easy to use website, full api support and great deals for bulk purchase

Gary S

Easy-to-use service, efficient and very quick in sending out SMS in Bulk!

Angus M

Easily the most convenient way of sending SMS from a business perspective. Cuts hours off sending notifications out to people and use it for just about everything! Too good

Leanne C

SMS broadcast makes it so much easier to contact customer on my VIP list with very little admin involved. Thanks for providing this easy to use service.

Morgan J

SMS Broadcasting has been instrumental in our Organisations's recruitment campaign in 2016. Previously we had not explored the use of bulk SMS to our members however its an extremely efficient and easy way to reach them. SMS's Broadcasting is not only easy to use but its also one of the best companies in terms of value for money. Thank you.

Attar S

This was quick and easy to send my messages to my 400+ contacts with one click.

Samantha M

This program was great for sending all my clients messages ! Would recommended it to anyone starting a. Business

Mina M

Saves me lots of time in terms of contacting all the customers at once rather than individually.

David B

Just started using the service. Very efficient and messages sent quickly. Good price if purchasing in bulk.

Kirsty P

SMS Broadcast is very easy to use, easy to sign up for and very convenient. It is a great way of getting a mass message out to a client database efficiently. I will definitely continue to use for future campaigns.

Christine D

Although I am relatively new to SMS Broadcast I had a list of customers uploaded and a message sent within 15 minutes. Very easy to upload and edit lists and amend templates.

Lily W

SMS Broadcast works really well for our small business to send reminders via sms to clients. Since I have been using it I am getting quicker responses from my clients compared to when I used to phone and leave messages or individually text them. It is a great service and very good value for the price.

Damien F

We had over 600 clients to contact at short notice and SMS Broadcast allowed us to do this so easily - simply upload your contacts, draft your SMS and hit send - that easy!!! Thanks so much. Highly recommend and will be using this regularly!!!

Tim F

Very easy to import csv files of a group of names and number and love how easy it is to send out personalised SMS using the fields feature and an alphabetized name for the SMS sender Fast and great price point - difficult to fault.

Abdul R

We used SMS broadcast to invite around 400 people for the opening up ceremony of our new venture. It was super easy & quick & also it has a feature of removing duplicate numbers in our records which saves our credit too.

Amir L

so far so good very easy to use system especially for bulk SMSes by the looks of it we will continue to use for a long time :)

Kevin H

Simple to use, segregated sending and receiving makes it really easy to manage Opt Outs, sent out 500SMS's in under 10 seconds. I am very impressed.

SMS broadcast

proudly works on all Australian networks