SMS Broadcast

Claire R

SMS marketing is an excellent way to cut through bulging email inboxes and speak to your customer.

Jane P

So convenient and easy!

The O

We found the product easy to use. We easily created multiple groups and imported all the contacts from our excel spreadsheet with not problems. The user interface is clear and simple to follow

Leigh N

Very easy to use! Excellent ability to write templates!

Susanna d

Highly efficient, great prices.

Emma R

SMS broadcast has been a fantastic way to streamline notifications for our customers. Easy and cheap to use it is quickly becoming an essential tool in our workplace!

Ben Z

Easy to use

Thomas W

Really easy to use. We use it every day for our business

Lisa N

It's a good service, cheap and easy to use. Lacks functionality, e.g. scheduling multiple messages for multiple days ahead or saving the name of your business. Also interface is a bit chaotic, e.g. when composing a message templates are below the message, whereas address book in the next page is on top.

Ed T

Easy sign up process, great price, fast text delivery.

Rachel L

SMS Broadcast has greatly increased our efficiency and scope for flexible communication with diverse clients. We particularly like the privacy setting to receive texts back by email. With SMS Broadcast we are now part of the 21st Century!

Mitchell R

Great platform easy to use and good cusotmer service

Phillip M

The SMS Broadcast guys have been good to deal with and their platform is straight forward and easy to use. That being said the available options that you can use and incorporate to your website and the like as I will be shortly is extensive. I like the availability to keep my client up to date on there purchases and the status of there delivery. Good System, well worth the cost. Impressed.

Stephen T

I run a small business was struggling to send out a large number of text messages from my phone. SMS Broadcast has been absolutely brilliant and saves me hours of texting. The fact that you can personalise a group message is awesome! It's also very cost effective. This is a fantastic service and I will continue to use it into the future.

Daniel J

System is so easy to use and the support is fantastic

Louise O

Use Sms broadcast with our CRM and works a treat. Great service and support.

Steve P

Good system. Fairly easy to navigate. I'll have more to say as we continue to use. One point for consideration is that I'd appreciate a character count as I'm creating a merge SMS. I understand the system will relate to me on the next screen depending on if I personalise the message or not BUT that forces me to go back and forth to adjust content until I get it at 160 or less. If I knew before it would be useful.

Mohd N

Very happy with the service. Includes every feature we were looking for. A+++

Jaime M

We are using SMS Broadcast in conjunction with FoundU and have been very happy to date.

Bhagya W

The setting up of the platform was soo easy and the whole process afterwards was even easier! would highly recommend .

Jarred B

Very great got new business from sending it out.

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Australian network connections

SMS broadcast delivers to all Australian mobiles through direct on-shore connections with Telstra, Optus & Vodafone without the use of low-grade international routes