SMS Broadcast

joseph S

Great service, very helpful for my business

Alfredo P

Great system, easy to use and very cost effective marketing

Sam S

Easy to use and great value! I've been able to use SMS Broadcast to save money AND time across thousands of customers - the interface is intuitive and I can even schedule my messages.

Mitch W

Very intuitive and easy to use - worked a treat in our first attempt!

Craig L

So easy to work with. Would recommend SMS Broadcast to anyone.

Mick A

No problems, easy to use. Give it a try!!

Maria C

Its very easy to understand and quick to use, saves my time so I can spend the free time to do other things.

Bruno D

Great marketing tool. Great customer service

Bruno D

Great marketing tool. Great customer service

Kris W

Easy to use and very reliable, great price structure for bulk sms

Ellie F

Cheapest rate, very easy to use through website, good service provided over the phone Overall happy to choice your service.

Paige V

SMS Broadcast is so easy to use and whenever I have technical questions, they are very prompt at getting back to me with helpful advice.

Nico T

Wrote a service broker for my internal web application utilizing K2 Blackpearl and it works very well. Happy with the interface as well as the sample code . Took me about 20 minutes to start sending SMS messages to my test number. Very user friendly environment. Thanks guys, works well

Robert S

Very easy to use and offers a very useful and reliable product.

Fausto P

my staff and I have found your site so so easy to use, and thank you Scott for your speady reply to a couple of questions I had. Regards Fausto

Leigh D

We've been using SMS Broadcast for a few weeks now and it's been great! Really easy to use with no problems at all.

Frank H

Great service recommended for everyone.

Lucy D

Great system

Suzanne M

Quick and easy to use, highly recommend!

Maree W

smsbroadcast allowed me to send bulk reminder messages to all who had booked into an event. It was efficient and got the results I was seeking! I was delighted and will be continuing to use it! Thanks smsbroadcast!

marc n

It is simple, it works. It integrates. I am very happy to use the service and would recommend it to others.

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Oldaker Street Christian Centre

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SMS Broadcast

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SMS broadcast

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