SMS Broadcast

Jorge N

It is a simple to use and very efficient system. An excellent way to relay messages to mobile phones without disclosing personal numbers of our own company.

Geoff H

Stumbled across this platform and it has been fantastic. Much easier to use than what we used previously. You can also make your messages come from a name, rather than a mobile number, which is essential for us.

Debbie S

I think this service is a great way of doing business. Things can get done in a timely manner without having to wait for people to read their emails. I'm really impressed with this service.

Robert V

Good Service, great value. Works every time.

Michael C

Super super service.. Love it!!! would definitely recommend it to all.

Gary P

SMS messaging has evolved to be an accepted method of business communications. Conventional SMS delivery methods involve small format entry devices such as mobile phones that dominate the marketplace, however have some floors including, poor use of templates, small format keyboards, vision impairment issues, slow inaccurate entry, etc. SMS broadcast is a simple web interface that can be setup in minutes and significantly reduces the time to get individual and group messages to clients. Having the capability to send, receive and manage SMS messages using a secure web page provides speed and accuracy of messaging and tractability if required. A great business decision.

Lee C

Friendly staff explained the set up process. Great service and I found it very easy to use.

Ian R

I started using the service to communicate with my clients and received instant results. Maximum exposure for minimal cost.

Rebecca G

Very Simple to use, easy to send out multiple texts and you can not have your number displayed, you have your business name which is of importance to us.

Phillip H

It was really simple to get up and running, API documentation is well written. Message delivery is quick and other useful facilities are included such as a configurable balance alert tool. SMS Broadcast is miles ahead of the provider I came from in terms of functionality. It's a pleasure to use your service and no hesitation to recommend your service to others.

Dylan M

Using SMS Broadcast I was able to do what needed to be done. It was simple to set up the message text, import numbers and start sending. Being able to have SMS replies fowarded to email made it easy to manage responses without having to continually log in to the site to check. Only a couple of suggestions: a) the credit balance could stand out a bit more on screen; b) the batch status report shows red (sent), green (failed) and yellow (delivered) columns, but also a blue column that is not labelled (= expired?).

Greg C

Really impressed with how intuitive the system is. We use SMS to support our EDM we send out weekly. When we have needed support the guys have been quick to respond by phone or email.

Michelle F

Very quick and easy to sign up and use. Great handy hints on how to write effective messages.

Tim D

Smsboadcast is a simple, fast and reliable service. It integrated easily into our system. We are satisfied so far.

James F

Easy to use GUI, veey simple to take numbers out of a spreadsheet and paste for group sends

Razmi M

Great service... Really handy to promote small businesses like us.. thanks a lot

rod m

It was easy to set up and breeze to modify. The support team are prompt in responding should you reach out. Helps us to better manage our support network. We highly recommend this service. Rod Abcom

gabrielle s

Brilliant and easy to use!

Caroline W

SMS Broadcast is great, really easy to use and I like that I'm able to add the name of my business as to who the message is coming from!

Ash C

thought this was going to be really hard to use and ended up being very very easy. Been great for the golf club I am involved in.

Naomi G

SMS Broadcast were very helpful in assisting me to execute my campaign. Brililant customer service and easy to use! Highly recommend.

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