SMS Broadcast

Anny O

The system is very user friendly and easy to setup as proclaimed on your website. Customer Service was excellent.

Jean M

SMS broadcast is very convenient and easy to use. It is also a great way to communicate instead of only using email.

Daniel E

Regular communication with clients is vital in my business as a Finance Professional. Before I started with SMS Broadcast I was using my phone to send texts. It was time-consuming and frustrating as I could only email one client at a time. SMS Broadcast is so easy to use. It's as easy to email one client as it is to email my whole database at the same time. Importing the database is a breeze.


User friendly and affordable.

Emily P

The system is very easy to set up and use, you can manage your contacts into groups then simply select the group/s you wish to send the message to and it's done in less than 5 minutes! Cost effective and simple. Would highly recommend this service.


Makes sending out mass SMS's a breeze.

steven p

Sending an SMS with ease makes us happy. Cheers!

Brad O

Easy to use and cost effective

Luke F

Sending messages to subcontractors has become an easy task thanks to this service

Jaf S

Very quick and easy, great way to reach my database for promotions and offers.

Michael C

It is much more convenient than sending SMS from you phone

Jill M

Easy to update and use. Easy for clients to respond.

anthony a

it is a very easy program to use


The system was extremely easy and has proven quite an effective communication tool. I particularly like that you can enter mobile numbers in various formats and they will still be accepted - less data cleansing for me!

Jenny x

Helping to improve my business by keeping my customers inform with all our offers with cheap sms prices.


Easy to use, cost effective, love the templates!


SMS Broadcast allows us to inform customers the requested orders are in our shop. It's very easy to use and efficient

Robert B

Used SMSBroadcast for about 4 months now. They just work. No more clients forgetting appointments.

Kyrie K

SMS Broadcast is user friendly, reliable and extremely affordable. Set-up was immediate and simple. The option to have a reply sent straight to your inbox is very useful. The service has been a wonderful asset to our business and will certainly recommend to others.

Alyshia M

Easy to use


Easy one click of a button. Love it

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"Great way to communicate!"

Oldaker Street Christian Centre

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SMS Broadcast

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SMS broadcast

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