SMS Broadcast

Fons B

I need to contact a boat crew on a regular basis. A few of them don't have an email service, just SMS. Now I can contact everyone at the same time using my email. Bloody brilliant.

Kym F

It was very easy to set up and heaps better than who i used before well done

Derek L

Great value SMS gateway. Good performance with no SMS lag. I am using this with my home automation system to send SMS notifications. Works a treat.

Damien J

It was so easy to set up and works brilliantly with our in-house software. Its also great value for money.


Ease of use and it delivers messages when you want them delivered

David F

I had a bit of trouble in setting up but after talking to one of your staff all sorted so very happy with the service

Beth P

I didn't know where to start for my small business so I did a Google search and couldn't be happier. I found SMSBroadcast easy to use, fast and efficient. I was able to be guided step by step easily and had no problem along the way. I am yet to do a second campaign, but I already know this company was a great choice and I will recommend them to my friends in similar small businesses.

Julie T

Very easy to use, the help staff are very knowledgeable.

Ivan A

Very easy to use and Little Cost

Alice N

The service is easy to use, sends quickly and has an easy opt out option, which is important for our customers.

allison d

Really easy to use and reliable


I'm a new customer but the whole on boarding process was really simple and efficient. We had one technical issue but a quick phone call and it was fixed straight away. Greta value for money and good service!

Alireza C

Fantastic ,Cheap

Stacey K

Working well linked to our dynamics system!

Adam F

We have found SMS Broadcast extremely easy to use and really like the functions it provides. Since we have started using SMS Broadcast our customer retention has been amazing. Would highly recommend this service to anyone who is looking for an easy, effective and very well priced SMS system to enhance your business.

Glenn E

Easy to use interface. I like the SMS merge facility, it helps the response rate by personalising your SMS's. Good job!

Amanda W

I like the functionality and ease of use but would like more characters available.

Kym J

I have just started with them, it appears to be very simple to use

Mitch W

Bet so Far!!! Highly Recommend

Grant P

Made it easier for me to communicate with my clients. Without taking the time that it would to send each one an individual message.

Sonia T

It gives me more time to do other tasks! I keep in touch with my clients/customers and it is perfect!!

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Oldaker Street Christian Centre

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SMS broadcast

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