SMS Broadcast

Ayaz M

Very happy with your service

Anna S

Loving this service, it has saved my staff so much time! Thank you!

Diwen S

I would like to say the experience is awesome!!!!

Leonie A

Easy to use easy to set up

Amanda W

The Service and the amount you pay for each text is great thank you for making it easy

David D

Very easy to use & contacting customer service is quick & efficient. Really like the reply to email feature.

Joseph M

Good value for money. Upload contacts function is amazing

Rohan D

Very easy for my software to utilise the email api.

Achilles K

It allows me to send mass sms with each person's name

Christian L

A really easy to use system. The interface is a bit old, it could be improve, but it does the job. I particularly like the merge, personalised sms option. Great and affordable.

Siva S

Easy setup. Simple to message patients. Being able to program to send reminders for the next day was a bonus.

Glenn G

I tied various push/pull options but they all seemed to get lost in the multitude of notifications that came through to my mobile device. Now that I use SMS broadcast, I have set it so the important emails I receive from my server are delivered as if an SMS alert. A great way of keeping on top of server and other issues.

Bec L

Fast and easy to use and a great way to keep our customers up to date.

Shane P

SMS broadcast is easy to setup, very straight forward SMS API. It has all the required features needed with all clean API docs. Highly recommended.

Anuj k

Quick service

Kieran T

It has made communication with our members so much easier!

Julio G

Very simple to use , since i start using it , it has been way easier to book classes for my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school , i set up sms reminders to the clients , and the turnover is been great !

Andy T

It was really easy to get started with their system as their API was pretty straightforward and they provided good PHP sample code. It also sends out fairly quickly. Thanks!

Selwyn H

I've just signed up and started using SMS Broadcast and found it so easy to manage. All the information is clear and the program is easy to navigate.

Jay H

Great service, very easy to set up. Reliable.

Kym R

We have never had the sms ability before and now that we do we find it works very well

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SMS broadcast

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