SMS Broadcast

Dylan C

It's easy to set up, cheap, and easy to use! The only thing missing is a way to break down reporting by department but it's saving us 92% over our previous solution. Would definitely recommend!

Trent M

Very easy to use. Can create groups Schedule in SMSs broadcasts Fixes issues with common issues with numbers so no need to pre format. A+

Ben K

SMS Broadcast has been incredibly helpful in engaging with my client base. The sms merge facility on the web front end takes many headaches away. It's quick, easy, and highly effective. Thank you SMS Broadcast :)

Mario M

I have only started using SMS Broadcast in the last week, and I am experiencing great results. I have received bookings for car servicing and spare parts, from a number of recipients of our SMS offers, each and every time that we do a SMS Broadcast to our clients. I would highly recommend SMS Broadcast to any business, It is very cost effective and it works! BMWrecking Service Centre Gold Coast.

Arne O

We recently switched to SMS Broadcast. From the very first group text we needed to send, which integrates seamlessly with our database, we couldn't be happier. We didn't realise how pain free it could be. Thank you SMS Broadcast.


This is very helpful and I definitely use it in a long run to bring benefits back to the company I am working for

Kylie B

Great service, I received a call from SMS Broadcast to welcome me on board. When it came time to send my first business SMS merge, they talked me through the process step-by-step. Everything went smoothly, very happy business owner!

Jeff J

SMS Broadcast is a quick an easy to use system..... Highly recommend!!!


I think itnosba great service and easy to transport hundreds or thousands of emails from other programs and send them in seconds! Love it!!

Richard H

Easy to use and a real winner. Love the feature that I can time the SMS broadcasts to future day and time. Fantastic program.


This has become an invaluable tool for connecting with our members and supporters. It easy to use and anybody can learn their way around the system in a very short time. We would recommend to other potential customers :)

Niam T

Good value and easy to use.

Kathy S

Using SMS Broadcast has given us the option to contact our clients or remind them about their appointments for a very small cost. We find that people will often answer a text rather than a call.

Mags S

It has been great service I would recommended

Steven J

Sms Broadcast is easy to use. It great that you can set up different Templates makes it so easy to set up and send out different messages

Shelley O

Very easy and effective communication tool. Very happy with the ease of use and ability/ function of the tool

Bruce F

Easy to sign up and trial with no money up front. The service worked exactly as it should have and I purchased credits almost immediately. SMS Broadcast performs brilliantly as an SMS alerting facility to support my SOHO server environment.

Thomas J

I've only recently signed up and I've had this service up and running in just a few hours. Everything is simple and just works and it's good.

Adrian G

valuable tool to to be able to communicate with on site workers

Peter D

Have found sms broadcast very easy to use and very efficient.

Simon P

Quick to setup, easy to use and an effective way to get your message out to your many clients with just a few clicks of the keypad.

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