SMS Broadcast

Mark H

In a world where adopting and applying new technology can often come with significant challenges, it was great to find SMS Broadcast who simply make everything work. Thanks to the team for their initial support during the prototype and testing phase and for their ongoing support at roll-out.

John W

This is the first time I have used any SMS messaging for the society I am involved in and the process to start with was very simple, the process is clear and easy step by step. I loved the special price for the first messages, but will continue even once those have been used up.

Michael O

This is awesome..easy and fast

Dominic D

I'm a new business owner and SMS Broadcast has made it so easy to get in touch with clients ASAP.

Rob M

excellent easy to use service with features like templates and delayed messages - has solved all my group texting needs

Sean R

It is a great and easy service to use

Kevin D

Great Simple to use no fuss sms service was super simple to get set up and runnning

Jennifer G

Very easy to use and very quick to send. Positive response too

Ryan K

SMS Broadcast makes it easy to communicate with all our members of our sporting club in a prompt and simple manner

Top K

Incredibly easy and proved of ROI, recommended!!!

Keira J

Great company easy to set up and go!!

Dinesh S

Excellent and easy to use service...highly recommended!

Gareth D

Simple to integrate, support is super fast. Works great in our situation using 2 way email to sms. Sms broadcast has features other providers don't have.

Martin S

Great product. Easy to setup and does what it says!

Stephen H

Easy to use and simple service

Fiona H

Very easy and convenient to use. Makes my job contacting lots of people hassle free, particulary as a lot of people prefer to be messaged rather than speak to someone. Thank you

Gillian G

service and support fantastic, easy to use.

Jeremy C

Easy to sign up and great joining discounts and bonus's. Service is easy to use and support to is friendly.

Zoe L

Simple to use, very effective!! Would definitely recommend!!

Sureway T


Penny S

What an easy process, no stress at all.

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