SMS Broadcast

Vicki A

Very happy with this messaging service. It is easy to set up & use, practical & time efficient. Quick delivery and easy access to the reporting system.

Matthew B

Easy to sign up, settings are easy ti understand and was a very quick process, very easy tool to use for our business & the fact we can template our messages.

Rebecca S

SMS Broadcast is a great service, really easy and efficient. Once you've gone through It's as simple as dropping in the contacts, putting together your message and hitting send! The fact it runs off a credit system as opposed to a monthly fee means that you only pay for what you use which is great!


amazing service, got my business message out to numerous customers in a matter of minutes so thanks so much for offering an awesome easy stress free service.

Josh D

Easy to use API, love the options we get with this. Works well with MS Access as a SMS button.

Flavio C

I have seen a few products that claim they do what I want but yours actually delivered. Whilst it is too early for me to be adventurous in doing different things, I am sure with the help of your staff my expectations will once again be met. Thanks

Helen D

SBSbroadcast has completely changed the way we communicate with our customers. It has made our communication processes much for efficient. It's also easy to use and a very effective way of keeping our clients up-to-date.

Theresa H

SMS Broadcast is a much easier way of getting the message across to very large group of people. I would highly recommend it.

Nikki W

Fantastic service, easy to use! would definitely recommend!

David M

I have only been using smsbroadcast for a week but I am very impressed by how simple it is to use and the very reasonable costs involved. I send about 600-800 text messages each month and have found that this is by far the most effective way to send a text message by using a computer.

Glenn C

Very easy to use! It makes it very great to have all texts in your sent items as a reference if you need to look back on, and the receipt once sms has been successfully sent is great! Recommended !

Samantha V

I found sms broadcast very easy to use. Simple enough to operate easily while achieving the results you want without wasting time trying to work it all out, it was just straight forward and it walked you through the process without any nasty surprises.

Angela T

The SMS Broadcast was recommended by a friend and I was pleasantly surprised how easy the website was to get set up. I submitted a request for a call just to answer a few questions and received a call and an email that day. Great customer service and the website is very simple to use which is great if you are a novice to messaging like me. I am confident that SMS Broadcast will help grow my business as I can stay in touch with my members more often and more consistently and keep them informed of events and appointments. Angela Tranent

Simon P

Great service. Tried the rest, these guys are the best.

Katie n

Intuitive access and usability. Ease of use. Schedule and DeDuping. All in all very easy system to get up and running, Friendly support (for questions I had pre access, didn't need any support when onboard as it is user friendly

Con T

Excellent value for money. API is well documented and easy to use. I would highly recommend this service.

Stephen B

Very Impressed, easy to use and your first purchase of credits are only 3.7c each, what a bargain!

amar e

Great website to use had made a difference to success for my advertisement highly recommended

Justine M

Very easy to use. I like it how I can cut my contacts from exel straight into the address book. People got their messages immediately.

Chris W

Very useful service as I dont like using the keyboard on my phone to do sms, this product allows me to use the keyboard of my computer to do my sms. Great for an old bloke like me.

Grant G

great easy to use website, full api support and great deals for bulk purchase

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